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Integrin alpha V beta 5信息

英文名称:Integrin alpha-V/beta-5
靶点别称:Receptors, Vitronectin

Integrin alpha V beta 5 分子别名

Integrin alpha V beta 5,ITGAVB5,ITGAV&ITGB5,ITGAV&B5

Integrin alpha V beta 5 分子背景

Integrin alpha V beta 5 (ITGAV & ITGB5 or ITGAVB5) is expressed on a wide variety of cell types including keratinocytes, fibroblasts, adhesive monocytes, embryonic stem cells, and select endothelium and epithelium. ITGAV & ITGB5 binds ligands containing an RGD motif, notably vitronectin. Growth factors that increase PKC activity, such as VEGF or TGF alpha, promote ITGAVB5-mediated angiogenesis while alpha V beta 3, which may be expressed in the same cell, responds to FGF-basic and TNF alpha. An inhibitor of both down regulates tumor angiogenesis. During lung inflammation, up regulation of ITGAVB5 on myofibroblasts or infiltrating lymphocytes may contribute to fibrosis by freeing TGF beta from latency.

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