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Complement Factor D信息

英文名称:Complement factor D
靶点别称:CFD,Properdin factor D,DF,Complement factor D,D Component Of Complement (Adipsin),PFD,Complement Factor D Preproprotein,Complement Factor D (Adipsin),EC,ADN,EC:,EC 3.4.21');,EC 3.4.21,C3 Convertase Activator,ADIPSIN

Complement Factor D Molecule Synonym Name

CFD,Adipsin,PFD,DF,Complement factor D

Complement Factor D 分子背景

Complement factor D (CFD) is also known as Adipsin, C3 convertase activator, Properdin factor D (PFD), which contains one peptidase S1 domain and belongs to the peptidase S1 family. CFD / Adipsin cleaves factor B when the latter is complexed with factor C3b, activating the C3bbb complex, which then becomes the C3 convertase of the alternate pathway. CFD / Adipsin is a serine protease that stimulates glucose transport for triglyceride accumulation in fats cells and inhibits lipolysis. Defects in CFD / Adipsin are the cause of complement factor D deficiency which predisposes to invasive meningococcal disease.

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