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英文名称:Fibroblast growth factor 2
靶点别称:FGF-2,Heparin-binding growth factor 2,Basic fibroblast growth factor,FGFB,bFGF,HBGF-2,FGF2,Fibroblast Growth Factor 2 (Basic),Basic Fibroblast Growth Factor BFGF,Prostatropin,Fibroblast Growth Factor 2

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Human FGF basic Protein, Tag Free
Biotinylated Human FGF basic Protein, Avitag™,His Tag (MALS verified)

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FGF basic is a member of the FGF family of at least 23 related mitogenic proteins which show 35-60% amino acid conservation. FGF acidic and basic, unlike the other members of the family, lack signal peptides and are apparently secreted by mechanisms other than the classical protein secretion pathway. FGF basic has been isolated from a number of sources, including neural tissue, pituitary, adrenal cortex, corpus luteum, and placenta. This factor contains four cysteine residues, but reduced FGF basic retains full biological activity, indicating that disulfide bonds are not required for this activity. bFGF is a critical component of human embryonic stem cell culture medium; the growth factor is necessary for the cells to remain in an undifferentiated state, although the mechanisms by which it does this are poorly defined. It has been demonstrated to induce gremlin expression which in turn is known to inhibit the induction of differentiation by bone morphogenetic proteins. It is necessary in mouse-feeder cell dependent culture systems, as well as in feeder and serum-free culture systems.

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