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GP120 (HIV)信息

英文名称:HIV envelope protein gp120
靶点别称:HIV Envelope Protein gp120

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HIV-1 [HIV-1/Clade C (16055)] GP120 Protein, His Tag
HIV-1 [HIV-1/Clade E (CM244)] GP120 Protein, His Tag

GP120 (HIV) 分子别名

GP120 (HIV) 分子背景

Human Immunodeficiency Virus (HIV) can be divided into two major types, HIV type 1 (HIV-1) and HIV type 2 (HIV-2). HIV-1 is related to viruses found in chimpanzees and gorillas living in western Africa. HIV-2 is related to viruses found in sooty mangabeys. HIV-1 viruses may be further divided into groups. The HIV-1 group M viruses predominate and are responsible for the AIDS pandemic. Some of the HIV-1 group M subtypes are known to be more virulent or are resistant to different medications. HIV-2 viruses are thought to be less virulent and transmissible than HIV-1 M group viruses. Envelope glycoprotein GP120 (or gp120) is the name of the glycoprotein which forms the spikes sticking out of a HIV virus particle. gp120 is essential for virus entry into cells as it plays a vital role in seeking out specific cell surface receptors for entry. Three gp120s, bound as heterodimers to a transmembrane glycoprotein, gp41, are thought to combine in a trimer to form the envelope spike, which is involved in virus-cell attachment. One half of the molecular weight of gp120 is due to the carbohydrate side chains (the "glyco-" in "glycoprotein"). These are sugar residues which form something almost like a sugar "dome" over the gp120 spikes. This dome prevents gp120 from being recognised by the human immune response. As the HIV virus and the human CD4 cell come together, the gp120 binding site "snaps open" at the last minute.The glycoprotein gp120 is anchored to the viral membrane, or envelope, via non-covalent bonds with the transmembrane glycoprotein, gp41. It is involved in entry into cells by binding to CD4 receptors, particularly helper T-cells. Binding to CD4 is mainly electrostatic although there are van der Waals interactions and hydrogen bonds.

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英文名称 中文名称 研发代码 研发阶段 公司 最早商品名 最早批准国家 最早适应症 最早批准公司 最早批准日期 适应症 临床试验
Radha-108 批准上市 Biomix Network Receptol HIV感染
Fostemsavir Tromethamine GSK 3684934; BMS 626529 prodrug; BMS-663068; 97IQ273H4L (UNII code) 批准上市 百时美施贵宝 Rukobia EU HIV感染 Viiv Healthcare Bv 2020-07-02 HIV感染 详情

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英文名称 研发代码 研发阶段 公司 适应症 临床试验
Microbicide monoclonal antibody triple combination (Polymun Scientific Immunobiologische Forschung) 临床一期 Polymun Scientific HIV感染
PDPHV-201401 PDPHV-201401 临床一期 国家过敏和传染病研究所 HIV感染
Elipovimab GS-9722 临床一期 吉利德 HIV感染
KD-247 KD-247 临床一期 Kaketsuken HIV感染 详情
10-1074 10-1074; 10-1074-LS 临床二期 The Rockefeller University HIV感染 详情
3BNC-117 3BNC117-LS; 3BNC117 临床二期 The Rockefeller University 获得性免疫缺损综合征, HIV感染 详情