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Neuroligin 3 分子别名

NLGN3,Neuroligin-3,Gliotactin homolog,KIAA1480,NL3

Neuroligin 3 分子背景

Neuroligin 3 (NLGN3),a single-pass type I membrane protein ,is also known as gliotactin homolog and KIAA1480, which belongs to the type-B carboxylesterase/lipase family. As the cell surface protein,NLGN3 is involved in cell-cell-interactions via its interactions with neurexin family members. NLGN3 also plays a role in synapse function and synaptic signal transmission, and may mediate its effects by clustering other synaptic proteins. NLGN3 probably can promote the initial formation of synapses, but is not essential for this. Furthermore,NLGN3 may also play a role in glia-glia or glia-neuron interactions in the developing peripheral nervous system.

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